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  1. Multidimensional Spectroscopy: The theories of 2D Raman, 2D IR, etc.
  2. Nonlinear optical processes: The theories of pump-probe, photon echo, etc to analyze the electronic states of molecules.
  3. Proton, electron, and exciton transfer processes: Studies of electron transfer and proton transfer reactions in condensed phase. 
  4. Frustrated systems: Studies of molecular systems coupled to spin glass environments
  5. Organic conductors: Quantum chemistry calculations and modeling of the BEDT-TTF and DCNQI molecules.
  6. Quantum transport and quantum information: Quantum ratchet, resonant tunneling diodes, heat-tranport, entanglement, etc.

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Lecture Note

Program Codes:

  • Markovian2005(Gaussian-Markovian master equation for a spin system coupled to 3D anisotropic baths)
  • nonMarkovian2009 (with low temperature correction terms, Oct 20th, 2010 version)
  • TanimuranFP15 (real-time and imaginary-time quantum hierarchal Fokker-Planck equations,   March 21 , 2015 version)

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