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Koji Ando, Associate Professor

1992 PhD (Tokyo); 1991-1992 JSPS Fellow (Kyoto); 1992-1995 Postdoc (Colorado, USA); 1995-1996 Postdoc (RIKEN); 1996-2000 Assistant Professor (Tsukuba); 2000-2005 Lecturer (Birmingham, UK); 2005- Current position.



Quantum transfer processes in chemical many-body systems: Theory and simulation. (Electron transfer, hydrogen transfer, excitation transfer, non-adiabatic transition, etc.)


Recent Publications

Kim H.–D. and K. Ando, Semiquantum molecular dynamics simulation of liquid water by time-dependent Hartree approach, Journal of Chemical Physics 131, 064501 (2009).

K. Ando, Semiquantal valence-bond wavepacket description of chemical bonding, Bulletin of the Chemical Society of Japan Vol. 82, No. 8, 975-983 (2009). (Preprint, PDF 306 KB)

N. Sakumichi and K. Ando, Semiquantal analysis of adiabatic hydrogen transfer rate, Journal of Chemical Physics 128, 164516 (2008).

K. Ando, Ligand-to-Metal Charge-Transfer Dynamics in a Blue Copper Protein Plastocyanin: A Molecular Dynamics Study, Journal of Physical Chemistry B 112, 250-256 (2008). [Part of the James T. (Casey) Hynes Festschrift]

K. Ando, Semiquantal analysis of hydrogen bond, Journal of Chemical Physics 125, 014104 (2006).

K. Ando, Semiquantal time-dependent Hartree approach to condensed phase chemical dynamics: Application to the system-bath model, Journal of Chemical Physics, Vol. 121, No. 15, pp. 7136-7143 (2004).

K. Ando and M. Santer, Mixed quantum-classical Liouville molecular dynamics without momentum jump, Journal of Chemical Physics, Vol. 118, No. 23, pp. 10399-10406 (2003).

K. Ando and H. Sumi, Path integral Monte Carlo calculation of reaction-diffusion equation, Journal of Chemical Physics, Vol. 118, No. 18, pp. 8315-8320 (2003).

K. Ando, A stable fluctuating-charge polarizable model for molecular dynamics simulations: Application to aqueous electron transfers, Journal of Chemical Physics, Vol. 115, No. 11, pp. 5228-5237 (2001).



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